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Dating an Escort

So after a couple appointments with your female companion, you decide that you want to take your relationship with her to a different level. Even though you “pay” for her time with you, it is just not enough and you hate the thought of her seeing other guys when she’s not with you. The situation is a little complicated, since her escort services may be a full-time job for her and she may not be able to afford to accommodate only one man.

Probably the best thing to keep in mind throughout the whole process is that most of these escort girls do not mind which race you are; the only color they care about is green. Yes, that means money – lots of it. It is for paying her bill: her apartment, her clothes, her food and drinks, her shopping sprees – you get the point. Why you ask? Think about it. If you’re going to be the exclusive man in her life, you are the only guy who is paying for her being around. Hot ass is definitely not cheap.

Assuming you have enough money from your paycheck to take care of her every day, the first thing to do is to ask her if she’s available for exclusive dating during one of your sessions. You will probably get a couple of key questions asked: How much money do you have, what do you drive, how big is your house, etc. Financials are very important to the escort and she will probably turn down your exclusive dating offer if she does not see you can provide for her.

A tip to keep in mind: Do not expect too much from this dating relationship if she accepts. Although you may be paying for every single thing in her life, she may bail on you after she gets what she wants from you (i.e. boob job) or get bored being with only one guy.
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