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Escorts offering outcall services to gentlemen in the comfort of their own home has been increasing over the past years. Thatís because itís convenient, there is no need to waste time meeting her at a discreet location, and there are familiar places to hang out around the area. If you have a girlfriend or a wife, home escort services may not work for you, unless she is into threesomes and couples action.

The first thing to expect from a home escort is to know that there is a premium for the outcall Ė the gas, the time, the risk (lot of weirdos out there) for the escort. The advantage is that you donít have to meet her at her place and run the risk that it is a dump. Also, you avoid the thought of her other clients that walk through her place before you.

Make sure your apartment or house is relatively clean and neutral smelling at the least. Donít forget to tidy up your car too. Some escorts will actually turn around and walk out the door if they see a client who is ill-prepared and trash-looking. So donít ruin your big day because you couldnít take care of yourself.

If itís your first time with a female escort, this article will help guide you through. If youíre a repeat client, throwing in some flowers or a small gift as appreciation for her time will give you some extra brownie points. Clichť as it sounds, but you could setup a candlelight dinner and wine with your companion for the night and plan some romantic activities Ė soft jazz, massages, flirting. You know what to do big man, go ahead and have a great time!
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